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Backer to Backer Assistance Needed

May 18, 2011

A Browns Backers family in Louisiana lost everything to the recent tornado which struck the South East.  They are a family of four, a little boy who is 21 months and a little girl who is 7.  They are doing what they can to collect belongings from the remains of their house, but have really lost everything.

We are hoping that a few of our BBW clubs can “sponsor” this family and help provide some toys, clothes, food, household items, gift cards, etc.

Please  send your  donations to Cleveland Browns Stadium (label it from Southern California Browns Backers), and we will mail it all out together:

ATTN: Kelly Carroll
100 Alfred Lerner Way
Cleveland OH 44114 

Right now, the family is largely in need of Wal Mart gift cards or cash donations, maybe any hand me down clothes for kids ages 6 (girl) and 21 months (boy), little toys.  If anyone else wants to make individual donations, send with the club’s donation and we will get it shipped down or hand delivered within the next few weeks.

Thank you so much for your support!

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