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From the Desk of Mike Holmgren

July 26, 2011

The following letter was sent to our SCBBA President, Kevin Hoyt:

On behalf of the Cleveland Browns organization, coaches and players, I want to thank you for your support. We are truly grateful for your commitment and patience during this period.

Mike Holmgren, Browns President

Now that the National Football League and NFL Players Association have come to terms on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement, the 2011 season is underway. I wanted to take this time to share some thoughts with you following this great news.

We believe the terms of the new agreement are fair to the teams and players and that both sides will benefit as we move forward. Most importantly, the agreement allows us to get back on the field and provide our great fans with the excitement of Cleveland Browns football.

Our focus continues to be on improving our team and preparing for the season. I am thrilled to have new head coach Pat Shurmur and his outstanding staff in place and ready to take the players to the next step in their development — and the team to the level of success our partners, sponsors and fans expect and deserve.

I feel good about the rookie class General Manager Tom Heckert and his staff has coming in and think our overall talent level will improve, especially as we add key free agents. Our prospects for a successful season were strengthened by the dedication of the many players who assembled on their own to train and prepare as a team so they would be ready to hit the ground running when football activities resume.

Our preseason and regular season plans are in full motion. We are very excited to host Training Camp in Berea and encourage all fans to attend.

We are moving ahead. So, again, I thank you for your continued support. It is vital to our success on and off the field. I’ve come to learn, and very much appreciate, that with Browns fans – It’s Always Football Season!

Go Browns!

Mike Holmgren, President

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